We want to increase agricultural productivity for farmers in India using real time agricultural and climate advice targeted at individual farmer needs. 

PAD's India program recently launched a new hotline service called Krishi Tarang, which roughly translates to "agriculture wave" or "vibe" in both Gujarati and Hindi. The tagline, Mahiti tamara hatma, literally means "information in your hands."

The Problem

Famer productivity in India is much lower than it should be—for example, India ranks second in cotton production worldwide, but is 72nd in productivity. Providing farmers the right information has already been shown to increase their yields. But dispersed rural populations and difficult to monitor agricultural extension agents reveal the limitations of current methods of information dissemination. 

The Solution

Mobile phone-based extension is a low-cost, timely and easily actionable alternative. We utilize a mobile phone-based technology to provide farmers with agricultural advice targeted at their specific needs. 

Through a voice-based mobile system, we provide timely advice targeted at farmer needs in a way that farmers actually use and understand. To learn more about how we are helping increase yields, provide dynamic, precise information, and shape the future of agriculture in India, click here to learn more about our vision and see here for more details on our current service offerings. 



Technology Partner

  • Awaaz.De-- Awaaz.De develops inclusive mobile solutions that enable organizations to achieve last-mile connectivity for social impact.

Field Partners

  • AKRSP (Agha Khan Rural Support Program) -- The major goal of AKRSP’s agricultural programmes has been to ensure food security, increase net incomes and reduce risk for farmers. AKRSP achieves these goals by working to improve the quality of land, increase the availability of water for irrigation and introduce new inputs or technologies that improve agricultural productivity.
  • Sajjata Sangh -- a network of 17 NGOs engaged in natural resource management, with a reach of at least 900,000 beneficiaries, comprising farmers, livestock owners, small rural entrepreneurs and rural youth.

Implementation Partner

  • J-PAL (Abdul-Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab at MIT , hosted at IFMR) -- mission is to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence. They do this through research, policy outreach, and training.

We are currently funded by Unorthodox Philanthropy and other funders.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us at india@precisionag.org



PAD India’s work came out of a study conducted by Harvard researchers with over 4,000 cotton farmers in the Surendranagar area of Gujarat and in the Khargoan district of Madhya Pradesh. We tested a mobile technology through which famers received weekly calls with advice, including weather forecasts, could ask questions and share information with peers.

Research results in Surendranagar showed a 26% increase in yields for cumin, and 3.5% increase in cotton yields for a subset of farmers who received reminders to use the service. We are iterating on this technology and beginning to scale in Gujarat. Our aim is to quickly expand to thousands more smallholder farmers across India—we plan to scale to 50,000 farmers in the next 1.5 years.



We are a non-profit organization with India Operations based in Ahmedabad. Our team is passionate about using technology to bring targeted agricultural information to smallholder famers. Our team of agronomists, researchers, and data collection experts are scaling a mobile technology that provides real-time advice to farmers in remote areas of India. 

Madhur Jain – Country Director

Madhur Jain is a management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Admedabad, and holds a B.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering from G.B. Pant University, Pantnagar, India. He has experience in operations, supply chains, and sourcing. He previously worked at Godrej Agrovet, where he was a Godrej Fellow, and completed short stints with Omnivore Partners and Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad. 

Tarun Pokiya – Head Agronomist

Tarun Pokiya is a post-graduate in agriculture science with 8+ years of experience in agricultural research projects. He previously worked as a Agronomist at the Centre for Microfinance, IFMR LEAD in Gujarat, India. He also led field management for the “Avaaj Otalo” project; a mobile based agriculture extension impact evaluation study and has experience in studying ICT based interventions for agriculture in India with Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR).

Nilesh Fernando – Research Affiliate

Nilesh Fernando is a Post-Doctoral Research Scholar at Harvard University. He received a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Harvard University in 2015 and previously worked and as a Research Associate at Harvard Business School and the Centre for Microfinance in Gujarat, India for two years working on field experiments related to agriculture. His dissertation research includes understanding the effects of providing mobile phone-based agricultural extension to farmers in Gujarat.

Garima Sharma – Research Associate

Garima Sharma is a Research Associate at J-PAL South Asia at IFMR. Previously, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Development Impact Evaluation unit of the World Bank. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stanford University. 

Veethi Vyas – Research Associate

Veethi Vyas is a Research Associate at J-PAL South Asia at IFMR. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Grinnell College in Iowa. 



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